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Want to know where your marijuana was grown?

Yolo County experiments with field-to-storefront tracking system

In a Yolo County farming belt known for tomatoes and wine grapes, Robin Miller remembers picking up on a rumor in 2015 about a marijuana grower in the area.

“We started to hear talk in town that people were worried about a cannabis garden west of Woodland,” she said.

So Miller, one of three chief officers for a medical marijuana collective called Yolo Botanicals, invited out the local newspaper and announced it was true.

She hosted officials from the District Attorney’s Office and multiple county agencies, offering them tours of the collective’s 1-acre farm, with its multiple greenhouses and steel shipping containers that serve as drying and processing rooms. “We wanted people to know that we were not scary – we were farmers,” Miller said.

Now Miller is among the first dozen Yolo County cannabis farmers to participate in a pilot program designed to train marijuana producers to label, register and ship their products to market – while also aiming to ease their fears over participating in a regulated industry.

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