Pot brownies could lose some punch

...under proposed California rules

 The ubiquitous billboards and product labels for Korova Edibles, an Oakland marijuana confections manufacturer, feature a three-eyed cow and a mooing boast: “Unrivaled potency.”

Korova’s “20 dose” medical cannabis Black Bar chocolates are supercharged with 1,000 milligrams of THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, and the company’s new THC Blondie – a treat “packed with caramel chunks” and “covered in crushed pretzels” – has 10 50-milligram doses with a total punch of 500 milligrams.

Now state Department of Public Health potency limit recommendations for medical marijuana edibles threaten to upset Korova’s marketing strategy and could force the company to dramatically cut THC levels in its chocolates, cookies, brownies and pot-infused popcorn sold through more than 750 marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in California.

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Want to know where your marijuana was grown?

Yolo County experiments with field-to-storefront tracking system

In a Yolo County farming belt known for tomatoes and wine grapes, Robin Miller remembers picking up on a rumor in 2015 about a marijuana grower in the area.

“We started to hear talk in town that people were worried about a cannabis garden west of Woodland,” she said.

So Miller, one of three chief officers for a medical marijuana collective called Yolo Botanicals, invited out the local newspaper and announced it was true.

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Yolo County Part Of Seed To Weed Tracking Pilot Program

For Marijuana In California


YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) — Locked inside a fence with barbed wire, cannabis is growing in Yolo County.

“You’re looking at a couple of greenhouses right now,” said Aaron Morales of Kam Gardens.

Morales and his partners began cultivating less than a year ago.

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Yolo marijuana debate continues

A rural community organization has taken issue with proposed changes to the county’s marijuana ordinance, a topic that has garnered strong feelings from local residents on both sides of the aisle for the past year.

With Yolo County’s marijuana ordinance in flux, current and would-be residents have been vocal about their vision for the end result.

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