The Scoop on Yolo Botanicals


greenhouse 2016

Birthed in Yolo County, CA on a small farm west of Woodland, Yolo Botanicals sets a standard for all medical marijuana gardens.

Committed to growing excellent medicine for licensed patients, dispensaries and manufacturers, Yolo Botanicals is now in its third year of operations.

Yolo Botanicals is a legal California Cooperative and complies with and exceeds Cleen Green Certification standards.

The central 215 crew is made up of patients from diverse and varied backgrounds. This team has rallied and brought their blended strengths to the round table.  The discussions, schooling, healing and practices extend beyond the garden gates into the community at large. To this end, Yolo Botanicals has accepted offers from the media to share their story; refusing temptations to remain secretive, sequestered and discreet.

flower 2016 1Attentive to community concerns, Yolo Botanicals recognizes that many of the worries arise out of a lack of true knowledge about cannabis, medical or otherwise.  In the interest of continuing education and public wellness, Yolo Botanicals grows their own knowledge and openly shares it with those who enquire or have interest.  This extends internally as well, as many of the core crew are new to the hands-on wisdom required for growing quality medicine.  We are grateful for the candor and patience of our experienced workers and equally thankful to our 'newbies' for their hard work, openess to learning, and quick uptake on all garden related matters.

house 2 2016Yolo Botanicals is encouraged by the response and interest from the local community and county employees.

The tidal wave of Cannabis industry opportunities are just appearing on the horizon, and we’re thrilled to be on the crest.

In our view, focused nurturing and support of the local community is the answer to the current & clear failings of distant top down control and predatory corporate economics.

As such, we employ local talent, buy local supplies, and strive to keep all returns & rewards within our local radius.

Yolo: The Napa of CANNABIS