CBD and Other Marijuana Extracts Illegal Under New DEA Code

On December 14, the Drug Enforcement Administration added a new code for marijuana extracts and made it clear that such extracts, including CBD oil, are illegal.

Although this does not represent a change in federal law, many CBD producers have operated under the assumption that cannabis-based products with less than the 0.3 THC percentage that's allowed in hemp would be legal. But that's not the case, according to this DEA announcement.

Here's the DEA's new definition of marijuana extract that was posted in the Federal Register: "an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis, other than the separated resin (whether crude or purified) obtained from the plant."

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Evoxe Laboratories Announces Balance+ Cannabis Vaporizer

evoxe product single balance 1080Evoxe Laboratories introduces Balance+, a cannabis vaporizer made with organically-grown whole plant CBD extract and a proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Evoxe Laboratories, the first company to combine aromatherapy and cannabis, is today announcing the launch of its latest vaporization product, Balance+. Made with organically-grown whole plant CBD extract and blended with Evoxe’s proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils, Balance+ represents an evolutionary leap in whole plant extract delivery.

Powered by Yolo County-based Yolo Botanicals and organically-grown, therapeutic grade essential oils, Balance+ joins Evoxe’s growing family of cannabis vaporizers situated alongside Engage (Sativa), Stealth (Hybrid), Deep (Indica), and the existing Balance (powered by award-winning Isodiol hemp-derived CBD isolate).

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Pot pesticides pose health risks

jars democratFurther investigation into the state’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry has produced a dangerous revelation that suggests what you don’t know could hurt you.

As Yolo County, along with the rest of the state, works to regulate the once underground industry, local ag officials are uncovering unanticipated problems.

The latest, reported by Yolo Ag Commissioner John Young this past week, is that some of the county’s marijuana crops are being treated with unapproved pesticides and legitimate labs have federal licenses that prohibit them from testing these products — which means even marijuana labeled “pesticide free” at dispensaries may still contain anywhere from trace to large amounts of pesticides.

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